Details of Support Provided by Startup Factories

In the Startup Factory Project, 52 businesses around Japan have been selected as “startup factories,” to act as bases for the support of prototyping and product design by startups, with the aim of mass production. The selected businesses are working to build their support bases and strengthen their support functions. Some of the presentation materials provided at the Startup Factory Project Meetup events held in Osaka on November 8 and Tokyo on December 12 have been released.

  • Fab Foundry

    • Offers startups a Manufacturing Project Manager educational program to train personnel who are able manage the manufacturing processes, select the manufacturer to whom to outsource production, and convey accurately to others the product they want to make.
    • Offers “Your Foundry,” a system the enables easy manufacturing management, communication, payments, and other tasks, to manufacturing project managers and startups. Foundry」を、製造プロジェクトマネジャーやスタートアップに提供
  • HILLTOP Co., Ltd.

    • Component supplier that specializes in short delivery timeframes, in any area and any material, making full use of its aluminum machining business and networks.
    • Coordinates startup projects, standing on the side of both the startup and the pre-mass production prototype manufacturer.
  • Elephantech Inc.

    • Startup that was the first in the world to realize a manufacturing method using inkjet printing on a flexible substrate.
    • Has its own factory and a track record of adoption for mass production by Japanese manufacturers, and can provide a wide range of support from prototyping to mass production.
  • Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

    • Business that supplies module-system components, including precision motors and drive/control systems.
    • Offers one-stop-shop support for commencement of mass production, using technology to make things “smaller, lighter, and quieter,” targeting all moving things, including onboard features, healthcare and welfare, household appliances, office equipment, and industrial machinery.

As shown above, these manufacturing-related businesses provide startups all over Japan with their manufacturing knowhow, machinery and equipment, and systems, to lower the prototyping and product design hurdles faced by startups seeking to mass-produce their products.