Model Project for Startup-Manufacturer Collaboration Launched

In the Startup Factory Project, 52 businesses around Japan have been selected as “startup factories,” to act as bases for the support of prototyping and product design by startups, with the aim of mass production. The selected businesses are working to build their support bases and strengthen their support functions.

On the other hand, there is a challenge in that, currently, the experience and know-how regarding collaboration with and support of startups is not being sufficiently shared across industry as a whole. To overcome this challenge, it is important to create many actual examples of collaboration between startups and manufacturers, sum up the circumstances of those collaborations, the problems they faced and the ways they solved them, and share those summaries with other startup factories.

To this end, as part of the Startup Factory Project, a Model Project for Startup-Manufacturer Collaboration has been launched, with the aims of creating collaboration case studies and extracting know-how from them. The Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative and MUFJ Research and Consulting (MURC) have been asked to act as the secretariat for this model project.

Model Project Operators

A public call for model project operators received 18 applications, After a stringent selection process, six of those applicants were selected to take part in the project.

*See here for details of Application Guidelines

Future plans

Reports of trials obtained from the Model Project for Startup-Manufacturer Collaboration will be released around spring next year.

(Ref.) Project Scheme

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