Startup Clinic Takes Place

Consultation sessions, the “Startup Clinic”, aimed at answering the concerns startups have in relation to manufacturing, was held over three days on September 7, 8 and 12.

The Startup Clinic was run as part of the Startup Factory program.
Nine professionals with extensive experience in the area of manufacturing and providing support to startups, including Founder and CEO of Jenesis Holdings, Junichi Fujioka, sat down at consultations with over 29 startups, offering advice in the area of product development, prototyping and mass production.

See below for some of the comments we received from participants.

Feedback from participants

  • Up until now, we had been pushing ahead with product development unsure whether we were moving in the right direction. However, sitting down for the first time with professionals in the field of manufacturing has enabled us to clearly define the direction we need to follow.
  • Without the startup clinic, we would have spent a lot of money developing a product that would not have made it to mass production. We were extremely fortunate to have had this opportunity to receive advice during the initial stages of product development.
  • The Startup Clinic enabled us to gain specific advice in a short period of time in relation to areas we previously had no idea about, such as the massive costs involved and schedule, etc. to make the transition to mass production.
  • Rather than abstract advice, the information we received was extremely helpful, including specific areas where we could make improvements, such as parts and materials and processing methods.
  • In addition to manufacturing advice, the consultants provided advice from a comprehensive perspective, including how we should move forward with our business in the future.

As you can see from the above comments, we have received a lot of positive feedback from startups participating in the Startup Clinic, stating they were able to define the various problems and approach they should take in getting their own products to mass production.

Further, this initiative has brought to light the severity of the challenges startups face in the area of manufacturing and just how important it is to be able to receive appropriate advice in the early stages of product development in order to overcome those challenges. It is our hope that startup factories, etc. all over Japan can work to provide helpful advice to startups.

Startup Factory will continue to promote initiatives to create the necessary environment for startups involved in manufacturing.

See here for more information about the Startup Clinic