Startup Factory Kansai

Sharp Corporation

Area of support

  • Provision of general manufacturing training programs necessary for IoT startups
  • Support in the form of mentoring and consulting in the field of manufacturing for startups
  • One-stop support, from product design, prototyping, mass production to after sales services in the field of manufacturing for startups

Area of specialty

  • Support technology

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Software
    • OthersElemental technology, R&D
  • Support Stage

    • Business Design
    • Specifications examination
      (requirement analysis)
    • Prototype design/
    • Design for mass production
    • Mass production manufacture/
      (small lots okay)
    • Product testing
  • Products assisted

    • IoT/
      Information technology
    • Robots/
      industrial machinery
    • Medical and welfare
    • Aerospace
    • OthersHome appliances Wearable equipment and devices

Display example

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  • Company profile
    Founded in 1912, Sharp’s main area of business is in the manufacture and sale of electronic telecommunications devices, electronic equipment, electronic application equipment and electronic components. Sales for the period ending March 2018 total 2,427,271 million yen (consolidated) with the number of employees totaling 52,548 people (consolidated in Japan). To achieve Sharp’s new business policy under the Medium-Term Management Plan, “Changing the World with 8K and AIoT”,We are working to realize “people oriented IoT” and to build an “8K ecosystem”.
  • Overview of support
    Sharp offers a range of support to startups based on manufacturing technologies and know-how built up over many years.
    (1) Mentoring in the field of manufacturing
    Individual mentoring for all stages of manufacturing, from product planning, design, prototyping, mass production, sales right through to after sales service.
    (2) Sharp’s original manufacturing training “MONOZUKURI Bootcamp” (training program)
    The aim of this MONOZUKURI Bootcamp is to provide participants with an overview of SHARP's manufacturing technologies and know-how and provide support to enhance the skills needed by startups to achieve efficient mass production, including learning the manufacturing processes, formulating their own quality and technical standards and learning how to communicate effectively with manufacturers, etc.
    SHARP Open Incubation:
    (3) Sharp’s original mass production support program, “Mass Production Acceleration Program”
    The aim of this Mass Production Acceleration Program is to work together with startups to reduce losses and accelerate the mass production process, from product design, product quality and reliability, production, testing, after sales service to product disposal/recycling. Support provided includes discussing the content of support, production schedules and costs and creating an individual program for each startup.



English Support Level
Telephone/Mail support
Sales / Concept meeting
Technical meeting
Conversational(Prefers to be contacted by email)

Kazuo Kanemaru

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • OEM business, IP licensing/agreements
  • Industry-Government-Academia collaboration, open innovation activities
  • Open innovation activities in collaboration with startups

Message to startups

Harnessing the assets of Sharp, namely our manufacturing technologies and know-how, we are working to provide a range of support to startups. It is our aim to work together with startups and grow together. Even if only for something trivial, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Satoshi Yabuta

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • LCD display technology development
  • Industry-Government-Academia collaboration, open innovation activities

Atsuhisa Ionue

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • Product defect testing/analysis
  • R&D technology planning
  • Promotion of collaboration/cooperation with external companies, including startups