Startup Factory Kanto

Copla Co., Ltd.

Area of support

  • Based on our network with electronic equipment manufacturers mainly in the Tohoku region, and the knowledge of our people who have previously worked at major electronics plants, we assist start-up companies (particularly IoT product-related companies) with prototype development and consistent support from trial mass production to full mass production and marketing. We have office and consulting service in both Tokyo and New York. Please contact us for more information.

Area of specialty

  • Support technology

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Software
    • Others
  • Support Stage

    • Business Design
    • Specifications examination
      (requirement analysis)
    • Prototype design/
    • Design for mass production
    • Mass production manufacture/
      (small lots okay)
    • Product testing
  • Products assisted

    • IoT/
      Information technology
      Various types: (e.g.) VR HMD, etc.
    • Robots/
      industrial machinery
      Various types: (e.g.) in-process conveyance traps
    • Medical and welfareMedical equipment development
    • Aerospace
    • OthersDaily living goods, apparel and accessories:Network of apparel and accessory factories

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  • Company profile
    Copla Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 as a boutique marketing firm. In 2018, leveraging the network we have established with factories primarily in the Tohoku region, we will launch FabSync, a service that will support start-up companies around the world with the production of their products (from prototype development to mass production).
  • Overview of support
    Assistance from prototype development to mass production, leveraging network factories. Basic Services: 〇 Product function design 〇Product design 〇 Matching with factories for trial production and factories for mass production. Outsourcing Services: 〇 Specification design and production instructions to individual factories 〇 Production management outsourcing



English Support Level
Telephone/Mail support
Sales / Concept meeting
Technical meeting

Yuichi Ishizuki

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • Involved in management planning, production management, production logistics reform, and other areas at Sony Corporation.
  • Established Copla Co., Ltd. Provides various assistance to client companies and organizations, including brand strategies, marketing promotions, product and service development, and new business development.

Message to startups

Let’s make the world say “Wow!” with manufacturing that originates in Japan. In January, we will launch FabSync, an online service to support start-up companies around the world with the production of their products (from prototype development to mass production). In advance of the launch of our web-based and app-based services, we are able to provide our basic services even now, so feel free to inquire.

Koetsu Ito

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • Worked in areas such as product planning at Sony Corporation
  • Positions at Sony Corporation include the head of a technology center and Representative Director of a device-related plant.
  • Involved in the launch of FabSync, Copla’s service to support start-up companies with product production, as executive advisor.

Mina Suda

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • At Copla, assists client companies with promotion, product and service development, etc., particularly of products and services targeted at women.