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Elephantech Inc.

Area of support

  • Contract development of and advice in the area of prototypes and mass production using flexible PCBs

Area of specialty

  • Support technology

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Software
    • Others
  • Support Stage

    • Business Design
    • Specifications examination
      (requirement analysis)
    • Prototype design/
    • Design for mass production
    • Mass production manufacture/
      (small lots okay)
    • Product testing
  • Products assisted

    • IoT/
      Information technology
      Prototyping to mass production of flexible substrates
    • Robots/
      industrial machinery
      Prototyping to mass production of flexible substrates
    • Medical and welfarePrototyping to mass production of flexible substrates
    • AerospacePrototyping to mass production of flexible substrates
    • OthersPrototyping to mass production of flexible substrates

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  • Company profile
    Elephantech is a startup that has developed a world first manufacturing method for flexible PCBs using inkjet printing technology. Elephantech has its own factory and is already mass producing products for a variety of Japanese manufacturers, providing a broad range of support, from the development of prototypes to mass production.
  • Overview of support
    Elephantech is involved in the contract development of prototypes and mass production using flexible PCBs and providing advice in these areas. Although flexible substrates are an optimum material for IoT devices, etc., they were difficult for startups to use, owing to the extremely high cost of prototype development, the high cost of small lot production and the lack of avenues startups could go to for their design, etc. We offer comprehensive support for the design of flexible substrate prototypes right through to mass production.



English Support Level
Telephone/Mail support
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Technical meeting

Shinya Shimizu

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • Master of Electronics and Information Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
  • 2012: Joined McKinsey & Company and provided consultancy services mainly to manufacturers in Japan.
  • January 2014: Co-founded Elephantech and became CEO.

Message to startups

I believe the cycle of trial and error is an important element of any startup. Compared to software startups, this cycle tends to be longer for hardware startups and I co-founded Elephantech as a startup with the aim of doing something to shorten this process. I hope we can form a mutually beneficial relationship where we can work together as startups.