Startup Factory Kanto


Area of support

  • Development of semiconductor chip bonding and other related technologies
  • Low temperature bonding of MEMS chips etc.
  • Device bonding on low heat resistant substrates, including PET, etc.
  • Electronic device proof of concept planning and the development of prototypes and related bonding technologies
  • Development of small desktop semiconductor assembly equipment

Area of specialty

  • Support technology

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Software
    • Others
  • Support Stage

    • Business Design
    • Specifications examination
      (requirement analysis)
    • Prototype design/
    • Design for mass production
    • Mass production manufacture/
      (small lots okay)
    • Product testing
  • Products assisted

    • IoT/
      Information technology
    • Robots/
      industrial machinery
    • Medical and welfare
    • Aerospace
    • Others

Display example

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  • Company profile
    Through our mission of “connecting technologies all over Japan”, which is also the origin of our name, we provide comprehensive support in the area of semiconductor chip bonding and the related field of semiconductor chips, MEMS chips, substrate assembly, production of prototypes for modules and product prototypes and evaluation/analysis, reliability testing, right up to mass production.
  • Overview of support
    We are involved in the contract development of semiconductor assembly technologies, characterized by our unique low temperature/low load, damage free flip chip bonding method that is formed on the substrate with a printing method using conductive paste. We offer contract development services for a diverse range of semiconductor technologies to meet customer requirements, with a focus on compact, high precision bonded ICs for IoT and wearable devices that will drive the future of the semiconductor industry and bonding technologies for semiconductors for the next-generation 5G telecommunications that are built into mobile devices, etc.



English Support Level
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Hiroshi Komatsu

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • Masters’ degree in electronic engineering at Kanazawa University
  • Research and development into high-speed, low-power C-MOS devices and non-volatile memory, etc. at the semiconductor business division of Sony Corporation
  • Seconded to the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy run by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. After returning to Sony, Hiroshi was responsible for planning and strategy formulation at the head office technology strategy department before resigning and joining CONNECTEC JAPAN.

Message to startups

The Startup Factory project is one that is very appealing to CONNECTEC JAPAN, a company that specializes in semiconductor prototyping and small trial production lots for startups and new business development teams working in general corporations. We hope to use the Startup Factory project that will provide opportunities for semiconductor prototyping, not only for hardware businesses, but also software and IT companies to allow you to accommodate customer requirements more smoothly.