Startup Factory Kanto

Rayama Pack Co., Ltd.

Area of support

  • Provision of a “materialization factory” to provide support to startups to give form to their ideas, including development, design, and prototype production based on plastic processing technologies; leveraging of group network to support mass production.

Area of specialty

  • Support technology

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Software
    • OthersPlastic products
  • Support Stage

    • Business Design
      Track record in new product development in-house (V. former)
    • Specifications examination
      (requirement analysis)
      Assisted with university research in industry-academia collaboration.
    • Prototype design/
      Track record in making prototype on 3D printer from ideas brought to us
    • Design for mass productionAble to respond with our in-house design team
    • Mass production manufacture/
      (small lots okay)
      V.former, in-house, and affiliated company manufacture
    • Product testingBasic testing such as tensile tests available.
  • Products assisted

    • IoT/
      Information technology
    • Robots/
      industrial machinery
    • Medical and welfare
    • Aerospace
    • OthersPossible in all areas of plastic processing

Display example

  • Has track record
  • Able to assist
  • Unable to assist



  • Company profile
    ・Rayama Pack specializes in plastic processing technologies, including vacuum molding, injection molding, and flow molding technologies and is a total packaging manufacturer, providing a variety of products, from packaging for cosmetics and stationery, cases for precision instruments, industrial tanks and automotive parts (air conditioning ducts), etc. ・We design and manufacture metal molds with our 3D CAD design team and machining centers and NC lathes in order to quickly and accurately meet customer requirements. ・We have factories in both Japan and China and are working towards globalization.
  • Overview of support
    ・Our No. 2 factory (Realization Factory) is equipped with a full range of equipment for a diverse range of manufacturing, including a large UV inkjet printer, 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters, sewing machines and drilling machines, etc. to help startups transform their ideas into reality and also serves as a hub for communication. ・Rayama Pack also holds the patent for the “compact vacuum forming machine, V. former” in Japan and the US, helping to quickly establish the framework for prototype development working together with our design team.



English Support Level
Telephone/Mail support
Sales / Concept meeting
Technical meeting

Yoshihiro Rayama

Professional background/Areas of support, etc.

  • 2007: Appointed as President of Rayama Pack Co., Ltd.
  • 2018: Appointed as President of Tayano Seisakusho

Message to startups

Using our plastic processing technologies, we aim to help startups transform their ideas into reality.
For this specific purpose, we have equipped our Realization Factory with a range of tools and equipment.
We look forward to seeing you at our Realization Factory to help you realize your dreams.